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Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

Twenty years serving our neighbors. Hundreds of five-star reviews. Service Force Plumbing is your locally-owned, family-owned expert for Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning.

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Great plumbing company. You can’t beat their prices, from snaking drains to pipe replacement. I used several other companies before I found them & paid double what they charge. Best company out here.

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We read the reviews and after receiving a ridiculous quote for sewer replacement from a competitor, decided to get a quote from them. Not only were they more than 50% cheaper, but they were courteous, professional, and efficient.

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The first plumber who came to see my drain backup was unable to fix it and recommended a very expensive solution. So I called Service Force for a second opinion. I am glad I did. Harold immediately diagnosed the issue and fixed the drain in less than 30 minutes.

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This company is so professional. Great follow-up, very fair pricing and explained everything so clearly. This is going to be my new plumber for any future plumbing issues. I highly recommend.

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So knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with us a new homeowners. This team saved us so much time and money. We would 100% use them again for any plumbing needs.

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If I could give Service Force a 10 out of 5, I would. Phenomenal owners, workers, quality of work. Service Force has a customer for life.

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Switched out my old leaking water heater. They were professional and great to deal with. They also really knew what they were doing so I was glad I hadn't gone to a big box store.

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I switched to Service Force after a large chain company was a nightmare. Hendrick quoted me a much lower price for a way better job and a lot faster service. I would give them ten stars if I could.

A well-maintained septic system is essential for the smooth functioning of any home not connected to municipal sewer lines

One of the key aspects of septic system maintenance is regular pumping or cleaning. In this blog, we’ll explore why septic system pumping is crucial, how often it should be done, what the process entails, and why Service Force Plumbing is the go-to company for this service.

Why Septic System Pumping is Important

Regular pumping of your septic tank is vital for several reasons:

  • Prevents clogs and backups: Pumping removes solid waste and sludge from the tank, preventing clogs and potential backups in your home’s plumbing system.
  • Protects the drain field: Regular pumping ensures that the drain field is not overwhelmed with solid waste, which can lead to failure and costly repairs.
  • Maintains system efficiency: A clean septic tank operates more efficiently, effectively treating and disposing of wastewater.
  • Prolongs system lifespan: By keeping your septic tank clean and well-maintained, you can extend its lifespan and avoid expensive replacements.

How Often Should You Pump Your Septic Tank?

The recommended frequency of septic tank pumping varies based on factors such as tank size, household size, and usage patterns. Generally, it’s advisable to pump your tank every 3-5 years. However, homes with larger families or heavy water usage may require more frequent pumping. Regular inspections by a septic system professional can help determine the ideal pumping schedule for your specific situation.

The Septic System Pumping Process

The process of pumping your septic tank involves the following steps:

  1. Locating and uncovering the tank: The septic system professional will locate your tank, dig up the access covers, and remove them.
  2. Inspecting the tank: Before pumping, the technician will inspect the tank for any damage, leaks, or other issues that may require attention.
  3. Pumping the tank: Using a specialized vacuum truck, the technician will pump out the sludge, liquid, and solid waste from the tank.
  4. Cleaning and inspecting: After pumping, the tank will be cleaned and inspected for any signs of damage or wear.
  5. Covering the tank: Once the pumping and inspection are complete, the technician will replace the access covers and fill in the excavation.

Why Choose Service Force Plumbing

Homeowners and business owners may face several frustrations and risks when attempting to pump and clean their septic tanks:

  • Health and safety risks: Pumping and cleaning a septic tank involves handling hazardous waste materials, which pose health and safety risks if not handled properly.
  • Inadequate equipment: Homeowners and business owners typically lack the specialized equipment and training necessary to pump and clean their septic tanks effectively and safely.
  • Environmental concerns: Improper pumping and disposal of septic waste can lead to environmental contamination, harming local ecosystems and potentially resulting in fines and penalties.
  • Property damage: Incorrectly pumping or cleaning a septic tank can cause damage to the tank, drainage system, and surrounding property.
  • Time and effort: The process of pumping and cleaning a septic tank can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, causing disruption to daily activities and business operations.

Service Force Plumbing can help homeowners and business owners address these frustrations and risks with expert septic tank pumping and cleaning services:

  • Professional technicians: Our experienced technicians are trained in handling hazardous waste materials, ensuring that septic tank pumping and cleaning are performed safely and effectively.
  • Specialized equipment: Service Force Plumbing uses state-of-the-art equipment to pump and clean septic tanks, minimizing the risk of damage to the tank and surrounding property.
  • Eco-friendly disposal: We adhere to all local regulations and best practices for septic waste disposal, ensuring that the environment is protected and the risk of fines and penalties is eliminated.
  • Comprehensive services: In addition to pumping and cleaning, Service Force Plumbing can provide septic system inspections, maintenance, and repair services to ensure optimal performance and prolong the life of your system.
  • Customer satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering reliable, efficient, and professional septic tank pumping and cleaning services that give you peace of mind.

By choosing Service Force Plumbing for your septic tank pumping and cleaning needs, you can avoid the frustrations and risks associated with attempting this task on your own. Our skilled professionals and advanced equipment ensure a safe, effective, and eco-friendly process that protects your property and the environment.

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Why Choose Service Force Plumbing To Handle Your Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning Needs?

For over twenty years, Service Force has earned the trust of customers, offering professional, prompt, courteous, and fair service.

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When you contact Service Force Plumbing, you'll talk to a Master Plumber, not a call service or receptionist. Roy Barnes is a co-founder and our service manager, and he is almost always the first man on the phone or answering emails, He loves to analyze problems, explain the issues, and present fair and honest solutions. He has decades of experience with septic tank pumping and cleaning, and can immediately help diagnose your problem and schedule a visit from one of our licensed service teams.

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